The SMARTER Team Training podcast is dedicated to promoting critical thinking, reason and the public understanding of prudent, practical, purposeful and productive strength and conditioning practices for clients and athletes. The first episode of the STT podcast went online on December 1, 2010. It soon became a popular resource for the strength and conditioning community. Listen to episodes featuring the best in the field of strength and conditioning, personal training, sports performance, speed and agility, powerlifting, sports nutrition, psychology, orthopedic surgery, research, business, best selling authors, and many more below.

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STT would like to thank everyone who has participated in the Audio Interview Series. It is incredible to know that it just takes an email or phone call to learn from and share information with the best in the field. Over 250 thirty minute conversations are live and/or scheduled for you!

Want to hear from someone in the field? Has a presentation at a clinic impacted you?
Email Coach Taylor by clicking here with your suggestions for future episodes. Please include the contact information of the person you are recommending.

“Look at these podcasts; Verstegen! Dr. Yessis! Poliquin! Stein! Who cannot appreciate this incredible wealth of information?” – Ari Selig

“SMARTER Team Training’s podcasts have the most amazing interviews on different aspects of training I’ve ever heard. They give more information in the thirty minute podcast than I learn from a whole day at some of the continuing ed events I go to.” – Justin Davis MS, NASM-CPT

“Coach, I am loving your podcasts! The professional development and variety of topics have been incredibly influential to me as a young professional. Thanks!” – Josh Owens, ATC

“I have listened to other podcasts as well but none compare to the quality and content that Coach Taylor is putting out there. He throws all biases aside and is willing to ask any question, whether it agrees or disagrees with his own philosophy. Rob is willing to interview people from all different backgrounds and philosophies and I love that. I firmly believe that you can’t just learn from people who have the same philosophy as you. You need to step out and learn from others as well and challenge your own way of thinking as well as theirs. With that being said Coach Taylor is not trying to pursuade anyone that his way is better or even that what he doing is the best. Rob simply wants to learn and learn from a number of different philosophies. The fact that he is willing to ask the simple questions as well as the complex questions is what sets him and his interviews apart. Thanks for doing such a great job Coach Taylor! Keep up the good work.” – Dave Jenkins, MA, CSCS, PES

“The SMARTER Team Training podcast serves as an excellent resource for health and fitness professionals, coaches, and athletes interested in performing better. As a young fitness professional, I admire Coach Taylor’s dedication to providing information regarding mobility and functional training. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and for providing the strength and conditioning community with this exceptional service.” – Erin M. Kershaw, MS, ACSM-HFS

“I’ve been a podcast follower for a while now and STT podcasts are by far the most well structured, fun to listen to, and informative with none of the endless ads and plugs that overtake other podcasts.” – Ari Selig

“This audio from Graham Betchart was fantastic. Loved the information on this episode!!” – Maurice Wilson

“What was and still is mind-blowing to me, is the fact that Coach Taylor is able to get people with prestigious careers to share their methods and ideas. Rob… Thank you for posting the podcasts because you are improving trainers around the world you haven’t even met.” – Justin Davis MS, NASM-CPT


3 Responses to STT Podcast Archive

  1. Jim Bryan says:

    Just listened to your podcast with my friend Jim Flanagan. This was the best interview I have had the pleasure of hearing. Jim is the go to guy in my opinion.

    • Coach Taylor says:

      Mr. Flanagan has a ton of great stories to share. Certainly an awesome resource to lean on for information about the strength game. Thanks for the feedback Mr. Bryan.

  2. Top 10 Health and Fitness Podcasts 2013 says:

    The SMARTER Team Training audio interview series is neatly described as a podcast dedicated to promoting critical thinking, reason, and the public understanding of prudent, practical, purposeful and productive strength and conditioning practices for clients and athletes. ¬†Guests of this show are like a who’s who of the Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development worlds.

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