7th Annual SC/AD New Jersey Clinic

Thank you for attending the 7th Annual SC/AD New Jersey Clinic on February 18, 2017. I hope you enjoyed the NutraBio manufacturing tour and workout in the BRAND NEW Pingry weight room. Without the support of the following this event would not be possible: Rogers Athletic, Pit Shark, Iron Grip, Recovery Pump, VersaClimber, Elite Form, Eleiko, Rumble Roller, Human Kinetics, Fat Gripz, Lock Jaw Collars, Hand Armor Liquid Chalk, and the many other sponsors for each of these events.

NutraBio has extended a discount code to those in attendance. Yes, you can use “STTSupz” for a limited time when you order on NutraBio.com. Let me know your feedback from the products you use please.

Plus for the coffee addicts, which we have a bunch of the staff too, please use code “STT” when you purchase your cases of any of the four flavors on Sunniva.co today. We do not receive a kick back from this offer. So, take advantage of this!

A large part of attending events such as this one in New Jersey is networking. In addition to those you have the opportunity to meet with here, I would like you to send an email to the following. Each person on the list below I hold in high regard personally and professionally. They can be an asset in many ways. Do not feel as if this is a “business” or “purchasing” correspondence. A simple “Coach Taylor speaks highly of you and I wanted to introduce myself…” message will go a long way. Thank you for your effort ahead of time.

Gabe Harrington from Rogers Athletic – [email protected]

Chris DiSanto from Iron Grip – [email protected]

Rick Hoole from Pit Shark – [email protected]

Keith Garnet from Recovery Pump/RPSports – [email protected]

Kirsten Martin from VersaClimber – [email protected]

Tony Maddalone from Hand Armor Liquid Chalk – [email protected]

Steve Harding from Lock Jaw Collars – [email protected]

Jim DeCicco from Sunniva Super Coffee – [email protected]

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. In order to improve each year, we ask that your fill out the evaluation on the link below, scan, and email them to [email protected]. CLICK HERE for the pertinent forms for this event.

As each presenter provides their presentation notes they will be included below. Each presenters direct email address has also been provided to communicate in the coming days. It is appropriate to reach out to each presenter within 2-3 days with additional questions and to initiate further networking relationships.

“Bridging the Gap: High School Senior to College Freshmen” – Mike Saraceno, Associate Director of S&C at The Pingry School

“Speed Training For The Multi-Sport Athlete” – Steve Leo, Owner/Operator Parisi Speed School Sparta/Training for Warriors in Sparta, NJ

“Add Intensity To Your Training Daily” – Mason Baggett, Asst. S&C Coach for Football/Performance Coordinator At The University Of Maryland

“What You Need To Know About Current Research” – Mike Gittleson, Former University of Michigan Football Head S&C Coach

“Truths, Myths and Deceptions about Sports Supplements” – Mark Glazier, CEO of NutraBio

“Strength Training For The Multi-Sport Athlete” – Doug Scott, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Pingry School

“Implementing An Impact Oriented Program” – Robert Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

Please be sure to register as an “Early Bird” for the 8th Annual SC/AD New Jersey Clinic. Preliminary information will be up on STTEvent.com in the coming weeks. Help spread the word through social media, emails, and word of mouth.





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