How you do anything is how you do everything in any strength program. Neck training should be part of a comprehensive athletic development experience. Coaching a well-executed rep is the foundation to any strength training program. Making neck training a “priority” doesn’t mean putting it at the end of a workout, between sets of bench press, or in a room design where coaches will not be present. Be just as excited to coach reps and sets on the Rogers Athletic 5-Way Neck as you would be for any exercise in the Full Racks like squats, deadlifts, or hang cleans.

When training any of the various movements when working with the head, neck, and upper back, it is important to track seat height, pin/cam setting, weight, order of exercises, and rest taken between sets. Look at it like a science experience, not an experiment, that you would like to replicate 2-3 times per week. How exact can you make the training session when you replicate it next workout? Can you add one rep? One pound? Or decrease the rest time even?

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Training the musculature of the head, neck, and upper back is no different than working with the muscles that surround the shoulder, hips, or knees. Progressive overload is key. Repetition replication is paramount. Pausing in the contracted position is a must. And emphasizing the lowering phase of each rep should be part of any program that takes neck training seriously.

Watch the video below to see how Doug Scott, Head Strength Coach at The Pingry School, implements quality control while training the head, neck, and upper back in his program. The attention to detail is high. The quality of work is even greater.

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