This week on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spreaker, STT interviews Dennis Keiser. Few men have made the impact upon the areas of health, fitness, sports performance and medical rehabilitation as Dennis. His innovations have changed the way athletes train, physical therapists program rehabilitation, older adults retain quality of life, and the general population stays fit. Keiser’s fascination with equipment, particularly engines, stretches back to his youth growing up on a central California farm. It was not long after graduating from Cal Poly, SLO with a mechanical engineering degree that Keiser was hired to design the first variable resistance machines for a leading manufacturer. During the intensive study for this project, Keiser became convinced that better training options than iron existed. A conversation with his father led him to examine the possibilities from pneumatic resistance, compressed air. Together with his younger brother Randy, Dennis Keiser formed Keiser Corporation in 1977 and in 1978 introduced the first air powered variable resistance machines for building strength and power. In the years since, Keiser equipment has played a significant part in World Records, gold medal performances, and championships in every major sport. In 2006 Dennis Keiser revolutionized indoor fitness cycling with the introduction of a bike that relied upon magnets – eddy current – for resistance. Since then, Keiser’s M series products have become the best-selling indoor fitness cycles in the World. Keiser has been the holder of nineteen patents for his innovations and designs.

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