Do you want to blow a coach’s mind? Is today the day you throw your athletes a curveball? Have you considered giving ownership back to the client? Does your system of training allow for variations within and around the overall direction of the program? Is everyone squatting the same way with the same barbell and the same weight? Are they doing the same on the bench press too?

Strength coaches and personal trainers can have an emotional attachment to their programming that limits their ability to adapt at any given moment and/or adjust to put their athlete in the best position possible to be successful. By giving choices within a workout you will get more buy-in from those who participate in your services. Whether you call it “variety”, “de-loading”, “auxiliary”, or any of the 10,000 terms that are used to make you feel good, the end goal is that the player has to believe that what he/she is doing is going to keep them healthy and have them ready for game day.

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If you work with people in general, realize that not everyone responds the same way to the same thing. Why do you think they make so many different flavors of ice cream? When designing your next macrocycle, identify exercises where a choice can be made that can provide an opportunity for similar results but encourages ownership of the athlete’s path towards greatness.

Watch the video below as Doug Scott shares some lower body strength training options that he uses in his programs at The Pingry School.

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