It takes more than hard work and dedication to be a real team player and a leader. You can spend hours putting in the work and even staying after practice and continuing to put in the extra effort; but none of that matters if you don’t learn how to connect with the people around you.

Ask yourself, when you and your teammates are suffering through a painful lifting session, are you dragging your feet through it and displaying your suffering? Or are you choosing to put on a brave face for the people around you and encouraging all of them to embrace the pain because they will grow stronger because of it? That right there is an example of the difference between a 10 on the overall rating of the student-athlete scale and everything below a 10.

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As a coach or aspiring coach, are you making the effort to learn all of the names of the athletes that you are working with and trying to get to know them while motivating them? If not, you are not putting your best effort forward and you are selling yourself short of the potential that you could have as a coach and the encouragement that you could pass along to the athletes around you.

In the video below Matthew Nein discusses how the Salisbury University Strength and Conditioning Department holds each other accountable by measuring the attitude and effort of person by a simple scale of 1-10. Are you a 10 or are you falling short?

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