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If you are interested in becoming increasingly more agile, fit and strong, then improving your flexibility is important. With improved flexibility, your muscles and joints will be able to move through a full range of movement. This will have the added benefit of improving your performance in any sport or physical activity.

Unfortunately, flexibility is usually not given as much attention in exercise routines as it should. Flexibility training involves slow, calculated movements that may appear unimportant to athletes. However, without regular flexibility training, even daily tasks can become more challenging. As we age, we lose flexibility causing a strain on our joints and vertebrae. This can lead to a considerable amount of discomfort and even disability in the long run.

For athletic training, increased flexibility will improve your agility potential, boost the health of your muscles, and reduce the risk of injury. Stretching on a regular basis will increase your body’s production of glycoaminoglycans. This substance will prevent your muscle fibers from sticking together allowing a wider range of movement that is also pain free.