The portability and versatility that the Rogers Athletic Grip Cart provides for hand and grip strength tools is beneficial to the flow of any weight room. The Grip Cart has adequate storage compartments, hooks, weight horns, and additional shelving for wrist rollers, grippers, sandbags, and other heavy objects to train your grip. The full-size castors make it easy to move the Grip Cart around your entire facility. Beyond its ability to give every trainee the opportunity to strengthen the musculature of the fingers, hands, and forearms, the Grip Cart will give a team an opportunity to build upon their relationships and enhance team chemistry. Each Rogers Athletic Grip Cart can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of implements from ropes and buckets to sledgehammers and strong man stones.

Rogers Athletic Pendulum Grip Cart

The Rogers Athletic Grip Cart is manufactured by Rogers Athletic. Discover other training equipment on their profile page.

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Coach Taylor’s go to exercise…

“There is no question to me that stronger hands help with strength gains and maybe even overall health. To set the tone of a team training session, I like to add a grip competition circuit. A tough challenge can include finger walks with a small sledge hammer from the Rogers Athletic Grip Cart, the Rogers Athletic Full Rack Rope Pull, and one rep 100 lb squeeze and hold for time on the Rogers Athletic Power Grip Pro. There are never ‘losers’ in our program, so winners begin their lifts and the ‘learners’ have wrist rollers of their choice out of the top of the Grip Cart.” – Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

Alex keeps it creative with…

“Strong hands make strong people. Almost every single piece of equipment in our facility has the capability to upgrade the hand attachments to a larger diameter, thus requiring the user to squeeze his or hand harder, leading to an increase in grip strength. At the end of a session, grabbing 10 lb. or 15 lb. sand bag from the Rogers Athletic Grip Cart is a great option to increase grip strength even further. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and flip the bag from one hand to the other, catching in an overhand grip position, forcing the hand to squeeze and fight against gravity. After 3 drops, next athlete up.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach

Fingers, hands, and forearms…

“Grip strength in the weight room is huge. The more weight you can hold, the stronger your entire body can get. From the hand grippers and wrist rollers, to the Fat Gripz and sledgehammers, we have multiple tools to use to get the fingers, hands and forearms strong. Grip holds for time are some of my favorite exercises.” – Ade Parkes, Performance Coach





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