I have been asked to share the drills, tips, techniques and information in the athlete manuals I have used at the professional, collegiate and international level for years now. This information I have kept “in-house” and the only way to get these resources was to attend the “limited seats available” and often times “SOLD OUT” SMARTER Team Training events.

SMARTER Team Training takes educating its athletes and coaches seriously. I take pride in providing resources that will inform and inspire coaches and athletes. Sticking to the basics is always important. Adding a unique approach to the “old school” traditional of athletic development can provide your team a swagger that says, “We have out worked our opposition on our easiest day.”

Developing a championship culture is hard to do, but easy to lose. Expectations need to be set. Effort has to be tracked and evaluated through a positive approach. The most important thing? Keeping in mind that each athlete is a son or daughter. How would you train your kids if you had 1, 5, 10, 100 or 400? Would you know what to do?