Want to punch up your cardio?  Maybe even incorporate some strength work into your heart pounding running?  The next time you run by a park bench, or bring an sturdy box that is just shorter than knee height, think about the numerous exercises that can be done to up the intensity and add some variety to your daily jog.  Try lateral step overs for a minute.  Start with both feet on the ground with the box on your right side.  Pick up your right foot and place it on top of the box, then the left.  Then put both feet back on the ground on the left side and repeat.  Keep track of how many reps you can do in the allotted time.  Rest thirty seconds and repeat for five to ten sets.  If that isn’t hard enough, try doing a push up every time both feet are on the ground before heading back over the box.  Take it to another level with a push up and a star jump.  Carry your full water bottle during the sets to take it to an insane level.