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IL posts new drill from STT

With tons of drills to be shared, this one starts up a bunch of patterns, workouts, and footwork drills that can be integrated into warm-ups, conditioning, practice, and used to improve your feet when no one is watching. With a picture, write-up, and a video, I think you will get the concept and be using [...]

Coach Taylor featured on STACK!

And the tips keep on coming from Coach Taylor! This one features three videos and some good old fashion questions and answers from a recent interview with Coach Taylor and STACK. Check out the post by clicking the STACK logo above. Let STT know what you think of what Coach Taylor had to say by [...]

STT’s workout of the month for November 2010

What do your clients or athletes have in common?  I will give you a hint.  Do the words shoulder, chest, hamstrings, and hips help?  They are tight!  On just about everyone these areas are particularly tight, which can lead to imbalances in your muscle groups and ultimately injuries.   Stretching needs to be individualized just like [...]

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Coach Taylor featured on

The phone rings and a conversation begins. The call is to see what we do for some of our more advanced jump/landing drills. As the conversations goes on, we find out that the caller would like to use the drills in an upcoming part of their new website. Sounds like a great opportunity right? Well [...]

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STT’s workout of the month for October 2010

I’m sure we have all see the guy at the gym stuck on the bench press and the multiple variations of pressing movements.  Often times you notice that when he racks the weight or drops the dumbbells as loud and as hard as possible, that he quickly grabs his shoulder and makes a circular motion [...]

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STT’s workout of the month for September 2010

What happened to tumbling in gym class, teaching the forward roll, or even how to fall and get up quickly?  Incorporate drills that teach athletes how to jump, land, fall, and get up efficiently and safely.  This agility drill is also hard on the cardiovascular system.  Make sure you are ready for this challenge.  This [...]

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STT’s workout of the month for August 2010

Want to punch up your cardio?  Maybe even incorporate some strength work into your heart pounding running?  The next time you run by a park bench, or bring an sturdy box that is just shorter than knee height, think about the numerous exercises that can be done to up the intensity and add some variety [...]

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