Last fall I left the field with tears in my eyes. I watched our seniors’ hearts break as they played their last competitive game. Last fall will not be a reoccurrence this year.

Although last season ended in disappointment, now is the time to move forward. Nine seniors, including myself, want to make the most of the last season of their lives. With your help this can be possible.

I want to walk off the field knowing that I played my last few minutes just as hard, if not harder, than my first, and I want your help to accomplish this goal. Together, as a team, we can work harder than ever before. We can be faster, fitter, and more technical as an entire unit. Prepare yourselves because this will not be easy.

Hard work and perseverance will enable our team to achieve greatness and this starts today. Go for a run today and during the run think about what you hope to achieve in your career. Think how you will reach both your personal and team goals because believe me, time passes so quickly. One moment I was a freshman and today I am in one of my last school days of my junior year.

If the entire team comes to preseason in shape and ready to work, preseason will be that much easier. We will run in scalding hot temperatures, but when you look to the people on your right and on your left you will know the true sense of the word “team.” Our team is such a close knit unit. When you workout on your own this summer think about the other people on the team around the country, working just as hard as you.

Throughout the summer if you have any questions regarding our team, school, or anything at all please do not hesitate to call me or any other person on the team. We are now all interconnected through the game we love and from the first moment we step on the field in August, we will all become teammates.


Your teammate

Throughout my career motivated individuals have surrounded me. This inspiration at times was tough to feel during the daily grind, and other times the real life energy was obvious. When our paths cross, I am proud to see that the athletes come up to me for a handshake or high five and the stories they remind me about put an instant smile on my face.

This new segment will showcase the letters that many have written, myself or the athletes and coaches that I have worked with; to share their inspiration with those we call “teammates.” As you read through the messages that are shared, please remember that what is inside you can separate you from the rest. Look around and you may be surprised how many others are in need of just a little enthusiasm to push them closer to their goals: professionally, physically, mentally, etc.

I will begin with a letter that I sent to a team that I am still very proud of to this day. No names needed. Just a sincere message that I hope can impact others to pay it forward by giving energy to those around them.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section at the bottom. How are you preparing your team, coaches, administrators, staff, co-workers, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers to have a positive mindset in both good and challenging times?