In the athletic world it is not about if one of your athletes gets injured, it is when. How do you respond to injuries and keep that individual on pace and moving forward as efficiently as possible? Coaches need to think outside of the box and realize that there is almost always a solution to the problem. That could be as simple as modifying an exercise, performing manual resistance, or training bilaterally instead of unilaterally.

A common injury, especially in contact sports, is the AC joint. The AC joint or Acromioclavicular joint, is formed by the junction between the acromion process of the scapula and clavicle. This frequently is injured when an athlete falls with an outstretched arm or experiences a violent collision. Working around an AC injury can be a day to day evaluation as the joint heals and training around the AC joint can greatly depend on the athlete. Some may be able tolerate the discomfort and depending on the severity, only minor modifications to training may be needed. Others might say they can barely lift up their arms and so major changes in training need to be made.

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When developing any type of program there has to be rules of progression and regression. When an athlete does become injured, what is your regression to certain exercises so that they can still train and be ready for the next game or upcoming season? Not a regression in such a way that the athlete is necessarily going backwards, but a regression in which the athlete is still able to work that area and muscle in an efficient way without losing momentum in their training.

Watch as Ted Rath explains how he trains around AC injuries in the NFL on the video below.

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