[tubepress video=”GDvo8NGCWG8″] An agility ladder blog had a bunch of feedback and questions about what are some basic drills that can be incorporated into your warm-up, footwork, agility or conditioning session. So here are a few for you to use at your next training session.
Begin with a simple routine that will help you to become familiar with using an agility ladder for training.

Exercise 1
• Move quickly towards the end of the ladder while placing one foot in the center of each square.
• The key factor in this exercise is to emphasize arm swing and high knee drive. For example, when your right arm is swinging upwards, your left knee should also be driving upwards.
• Point your toes up towards your leg as you lift each foot. This movement (dorsi-flexion) will help to improve your running speed over time.
Let’s go through a few other exercises that you can add to your agility ladder training routine.

Exercise 2
• Follow the same routine described in exercise 1. This time, you will place both feet into each square before moving on to the next square.
• Again, make sure that you are emphasizing arm swing, a high knee drive and are pointing your toes upwards as you lift each leg.

Exercise 3 (“hop scotch” routine)
• Standing at the bottom of the ladder, you’ll begin with your feet hip width apart.
• Jump lifting both feet from the ground and then land on your right foot only in the first square of the ladder.
• As soon as you land, push off with your right foot. Both feet should land in the next square.
• As soon as you land, push off with both feet and land in the third square this time only on your left foot.
• Immediately push off from your left foot and land on both feet.
• Continue with this pattern until you reach the end of the ladder.

Exercise 4
This exercise requires increased coordination. Begin this routine after you’ve mastered the first three exercises.
• Stand outside of and to the lower left of square 1.
• With your left foot, step into square 1 immediately followed by your right foot.
• Step outside of the right side of square 1 using your left foot first immediately followed by your right foot.
• Step diagonally left with your left foot into square 2 with the right foot following.
• Step outside of the left side of square 2, left foot first followed immediately by your right foot, and so on until you reach the end of the ladder.

With a combination of agility ladder exercises performed on a regular basis, you will quickly improve your balance, speed, strength and coordination. Use the video above to develop your own footwork patterns and incorporate variety into your training.